We are dedicated to unity – providing lovely crafted shaders and assets which will help you to breath life into your digital scenes.

Lux – an open source physically based shader framework

Lux is an open source shader framework that brings advanced lighting and rendering features to unity 5.

Lighting features

  • Fast approximated area lights
  • Diffuse fill lights
  • Deferred lambert lighting
  • Pre-integrated Skin Lighting
  • Anisotropic Lighting
  • Diffuse scattering or fuzz lighting

Surface features

  • Dynamic weather
  • Mix mapping
  • Parallax, parallax occlusion and tessellation
  • Double sided rendering

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Lux Water

Lux Water is a simple yet robust solution to render water surfaces, which is focused on giving you reliable results as far as refraction, reflection and lighting are concerned.

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Advanced Foliage Shader

Place grass and foliage just everywhere in your game – be it on top of the terrain or any arbitrary mesh – and take advantage of all modern features of vegetation shading like procedural bending or physically based shading.

Make your vegetation react to any game object's movement using touch bending, get perfectly lit grass and plants even on steep slopes or just benefit from the most beautiful fading billboards you have ever seen in unity ;-)

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Lux URP Essentials

Lux URP Essentials provide a growing collection of manually written and optimized HLSL shaders and custom nodes for Shader Graph to cover a wide range of use cases such as:

  • Environment related shaders – like mesh terrain, grass, foliage, rock and water
  • Advanced Materials and lighting – like skin, hair, cloth, transmission, clear coat, glass, toon lighting and lit and shadowed particles
  • Effects – like fast outlines, rim based animated highlights, hidden surfaces, screen space decals and billboards

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Colormap ULTRA Terrain Shader

The Colormap ultra terrain shader gives you fast and high quality terrain rendering and lets you use a color map along with up to 6 detail diffuse and normal maps – all drawn within one single shader pass!

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Custom Tree Importer

Import manually modeled trees from Maya, 3ds Max, Modo or Blender and let them get adjusted to be compatible with unity’s advanced tree creator shaders and wind zones “automatically”.

Benefit from bark and leafs casting and receiving real time shadows, translucency and specular lighting and add your trees using the terrain engine or place them as independent game objects.

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